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Noise and Vibration Technologies, LLC (NVT GROUP)

On January 20, 2015, Battery Ventures, a successful global investment firm, formally merged the collective expertise of three industry leaders, including Lansmont, Team, and Data Physics. All three companies are in the business of measuring, simulating and analyzing the effects of vibration, noise, shock, and other environmental variables for the benefit of a variety of industries. Each company is individually well known as a leader and expert in specialized applications for complicated markets. Together, these companies’ combined capabilities and expertise build a foundation for becoming the leading global provider of test and measurement solutions.

2480 N. 1st Street
Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95131 USA
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Data Physics designs high- performance test and measurement solutions for noise and vibration applications.

Data Physics has pioneered high-performance vibration control and analysis processes to the noise and vibration community since 1984. With the recent addition of a full line of electrodynamic shakers to complement its vibration controllers and dynamic signal analyzers, Data Physics is a leading provider of comprehensive vibration applications. Data Physics multi-axis products are delivered on a high-performance hardware platform, designed and manufactured with Noise and Vibration solutions in mind.

Ryan Ranch Research Park
17 Mandeville Court
Monterey, CA 93940 USA
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Lansmont provides Field-to-Lab® solutions to optimize products, packaging and profits for the world’s largest manufacturers, government laboratories, and educational institutions.

Lansmont reduces risk, increases knowledge and eliminates uncertainty in the product design and transport packaging environment. Since 1971, engineers around the world have relied on Lansmont technology to discover product vulnerabilities and eliminate unknowns, and ultimately find the perfect balance between a product’s intended environment and its durability. In turn, Lansmont customers reduce damage and improve quality while supporting sustainability. Lansmont manufactures everything from field data recorders to sophisticated laboratory test equipment that measures shock, vibration, compression, and impact.

11591 Watertank Road
Burlington, WA 98233 USA
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Team Corporation designs, builds and delivers high-performance vibration test systems and related components.

The advent of vibration technology has resulted in the steady improvement in product quality, reliability, passenger comfort, and public safety. Vibration testing has become indispensable in assuring product quality, and Team Corporation, the pioneer and quality leader in this exacting field, has become the most trusted name in vibration testing. Since 1954, Team Corporation has contributed to the development of the world’s most advanced space, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, defense, packaging, telecommunications, seismic and oil exploration programs.