Atlantic Packaging TruMotion Systems

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Project Description

<p>Atlantic Packaging recently hosted the Grand Opening of their Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over four days, Atlantic hosted more than 300 visitors from the US, Canada and Mexico where they introduced equipment, technology and capability that has never existed in one location like this before. Atlantic will utilize the tools and technologies embedded at their Solution Center to deliver what they call their Must Method – a stretch wrap optimization system that applies scientific data and analysis to prevent pallet load failure and put an end to product damage.</p><p>As part of the Solution Center, Lansmont provided the first-ever TruMotion™ multi-axis vibration test system, as well as a programmable horizontal acceleration test system, both capable of challenging unit load stability and wrapping solutions by truly simulating the motions as they occur in the supply chain. Possessing all these technologies in one location allows for engineered design solutions to be tested and validated before they are entered into the supply chain.</p>

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