NASA Glenn Research Center – MVF and RATF

NASA Glenn Research Center – MVF and RATF2019-01-29T17:13:34+00:00

Project Description

<p>The relaunching of America’s manned space exploration program began here, with vibration testing at NASA Glenn’s Space Power Facility (SPF). The SPF houses the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facilities. The Space Simulation Vacuum Chamber is the world’s largest, measuring 30.5 m (100 ft) in diameter by 37.2 m (122 ft) high. The Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) is the world’s most powerful spacecraft acoustic test chamber, and the Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) is the world’s highest capacity and most powerful spacecraft shaker system. The SPF is located at the NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio.</p><p>NASA trusted NVT Group technologies and expertise to help create the world’s most powerful Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) and Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) where the Orion spacecraft underwent extreme testing. The one of a kind shaker system was engineered and installed by Team Corporation and controlled by Data Physics’ Matrix multi-shaker control system.</p>

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